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Registration/Order Form

  1. Please understand the subscription scheme before ordering. Click the link on the top of this page 'More Information-PASS' and click button 'View Details' against the subscription category.
  2. All prices inclusive of 18% GST
  3. Please have the transaction details before entering the following details for registration and order
  4. After filling all the details including transaction details, please generate OTP (valid for 10 min)
  5. Validate the OTP received from your email and register
  6. In about 2 working days, you receive an user id (8-digit number) and an autogenerated password by email
  7. Please change the autogenerated password at the earliest and start working with PASS
  8. You will receive a link to retrieve receipt. GST input credit is applicable for who enter their GST number

Description of versions: Unit price refers to one person/company financial year (PFY). Permitted transaction records relate to one PFY. Please refer to "subscription cateogry" in the above link for "More Information Pass" for further details.     Applicable tax: GST in India

Serial No.VersionUnit pricePermitted Transaction recordsRemarks
1 student ₹ 590.00 500 Student practice module
2 Professional ₹ 1,770.00 3000 More transaction records will be permitted for no additonal cost as desired